Photographer’s Standard Price List

This list is as of: November 2022

Photography Hourly Rate


Operating camera, directing client and standard photography equipment (camera, standard lens, single speedlight)

Video Hourly Rate


Operating, directing shot, using standard videography equipment (camera, lenses, stabilizer, tripod, and a single mobile light).

Photo Editing Hourly Rate


Use of industry software, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, or Capture One.

Video Editing Hourly Rate


Editing with industry standard DaVinci Resolve 18 software as standard. Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects available upon request subject to licensing adjustment.

Consultation Hourly Rate


Time allocated at deliberation, discussion, planning and arranging execution of client projects. This does not include expenses incurred by the Photographer.

UAV Operator Hourly Rate


Drone operation and aerial photography/videography. Inclusive of safety planning, preparation and execution of aerial operations.

Additional services outside of hourly rates.


Subject to type of travel. Fees reflected by the needs of client and the rate at time of request subject to the current rate of fuel.

Specialist Equipment

Use, rental and/or purchase of specialist equipment outside of equipment owned by the Photographer.

Studio Rental (hourly)

From €75

Studio space for execution of modelled scenes as requested by client for still photography. Standard includes the use of 2 lights and appropriate difusion material.