Exhibition: Zen and the Art of Mid-life Crisis @ Ponto De Vistas

Image of motorcycle with a floral foreground

As an evergrowing attempt to push me out of my comfort and share myself with the world; I will be exhibiting my passion work in the fabulous venue Ponto De Vistas, exhibiting travel photographs from my America trip between 2015-2016.

The exhibition will be an exploratory journey of telling small stories of what it was like while I spent over a year of my life living on a motorcycle, living in the wild and the trials and tribulations that that brings when being alone in North America.

There is no entry fee, and standard safety restrictions apply, however, everyone is welcome to join.

The space is about sharing different points of view and perspectives that guests can experience and learn from, while it also holds spectacular views from its location that allows friendly and open discourse with those who wish to attend.

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