Photoshoot – Fencing Tournament with Splento

I accepted a sports photography session with Splento to shoot a fencing tournament at Whitgift School. Having not been to the location before or documented this kind of event before I was unsure of what lens I would need to work with.

Long or Wide?

While I had hired in a telephoto lens from FatLlama for the event, I soon found that 70-200mm was too long for the event as there were too many people standing around in close proximity. I soon changed to my 24-70mm to get a wider angle on the activities.


While the parameters are more thorough from Splento lately, and discussing with the client made the assignment far easier to focus on. I was able to feel more confident in completing this task. Of course, there are things I’d do differently now than I would have done then. But this is all part of the learning curve. Overall, I’m happy with the results.

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