Filming a Retreat with the Modern Shaman Academy

Recently, I had the privilege of filming a shamanic retreat in the Algarve, Portugal. Hosted by Sue Holmes of The Modern Shaman Academy, the retreat was a master class in shamanic practice and energy healing.

The retreat was held in a breathtakingly beautiful location in the southern hills of Portugal, not far from the town of Tavira. The participants were a diverse group of individuals, all eager to learn and experience the healing power of shamanic practice and energy healing.

The purpose of the filming was to create promotional content for the retreat. We were there to capture the atmosphere of the retreat, the practice of shamanic healing, and record testimonials from the participants.

Promo video here:

The filming was a great success. I was able to capture the beauty of the retreat location, and the participants were enthusiastic and willing to share their experiences. Also, I was able to document Sue’s teachings and the impact that the retreat had on the participants.

We were also able to capture the enthusiasm of the participants as they learned, practised and experienced Shamanic healing and energy healing. The testimonials that we recorded were powerful and moving, and showed just how profoundly the retreat had impacted the lives of the participants.


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